Owning a greyhound is affordable and great fun - nothing beats the thrill of watching your own greyhound pass the winning line first.


There are several ways to buy a racing greyhound but for the newcomer, the best advice is to talk to one of our trainers. Most trainers have dogs in training that they have bought themselves with a view to selling them on to current or new owners. For further details:

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Contact details for Romford's nine trainers:

Bernie Doyle

Ramat Kennels, 89 Denham Way, Maple Cross, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire


Telephone: 01923 776 754

Email: berniedoyle511@icloud.com


Yvonne Gaskin

Halls Green Farm, Epping Road, Roydon, Essex, CM19 5DG

Telephone: 01992 899 263

Email: gaskin2013@hotmail.co.uk


Maxine Locke

4 Bonville Farm Cottage, Arterial Road, North Benfleet, Wickford, Essex SS12 9JQ

Telephone: 01268 728 488

Website: www.bonvillekennels.com

Email: jomaxeng@btconnect.com

Twitter: @Maxine_locke


Margaret Lucas

Skibbereen Kennels, Little Warley, Hall Lane, Little Warley, Brentwood, Essex

CM13 3EN

Telephone: 01277 810 500

Email: maggielucas62@hotmail.com


David Mullins

Brookside, Arterial Road, Wickford, Essex SS12 9JF

Telephone: 01268 726 583

Website: www.greyhoundtrainers.com

Twitter: @DmullinsKennel


Philip Simmonds

The Kennels,Cambridge Road, Barton, Cambridge, CB23 7AS

Telephone: 01223 262 362


John Simpson

Pipps Hill Farm, Pipps Hill Road North, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex

Telephone: 01268 530 568

Email: pippshillfarm@aol.com


Martyn Wiley

The Gables, Borwick Lane, Wickford, Essex SS12 0QA

Telephone: 01268 732 039

Website: www.thegableracingkennels.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheGablesRacingKennels

Email: thegablekennels@gmail.com

Twitter: @ClubGables


Paul Young

Burton Lodge, Borwick Lane, Wickford, Essex SS12 0QA

Telephone: 01268 733 945

Website: www.burtonlodgeracing.co.uk

Twitter: @BurtonLodge



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